Work Space with Man Power


Work Space with Man Power

We provide excellent man power in IT/ITeS field along with office space. So starting a software company/Call center/BPO in India can be done remotely from where ever you are.

Managed Development team members

What is Managed Development Team?

Arranging facilities and managing HR functionalities of individuals or team at remote location is demanding, time-consuming and can distract from strategic goals.

With our Managed Development team, you focus on your business strategy, while we manage facilities and HR functions for your team members which will generate a high-performance operational environment in your team.

Who may need it?

Individuals or Companies in US or other part of the world who want off shore development persons in India to ramp up software development quickly but don’t want to manage hiring, firing, retention, and other HR and administrative processes.

Businesses that want to focus on new product development and need very high caliber team members for a short duration.

Projects with finalized requirements and descriptions available, but lacking the staff in-house to start the POC or MVP development and want to hire a team in a quick span of time in India without going through the hassle of setting a up office in India

How It Works

  1. Software developers recruited for you, you can direct them as part of your team, reporting to you directly and deliver highest productivity levels
  2. As a client you retain total control while taking advantage of the flexibility scalability, and reduced administration that allows you to focus on. We will manage the space, all HR requirements of your team. You may scale up and down as you wish.
  3. The team will be managed as per your company policy.

Cost Calculation for Managed Team members

The cost calculation for Managed Team members is given below

Work Space cost + Salary of Team member + 15% of Salary cost for managing HR and Admin work for that team member.

For example if you want a managed team member (a Java Developer) at our Anna Salai, and if the salary of the developer is INR 15,000 then the cost will be 4000 (for Work space cost of 1 seat) + 15,000 (Salary) + 2250 (for managing the team member HR activities) = INR 21,250 per month + applicable local taxes

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